YPD Welcomes a New Program Associate, Becca Near!

Hey! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Becca Near, and I am a native to St. Louis. I went to Memphis, TN for my last two years of high school and spent my college years in NYC. I graduated with a BA in Psychology. I moved back with my now husband and am thrilled to be here in the Community Development department and with YPD. I am a Skimm’bassador, I have two cats, two snakes (don’t ask!) and a chinchilla (again, don’t ask!). I love hiking, travelling and avocados. Let’s grab a coffee or ice cream (another fav) and chat! Can’t wait to meet you all!


  1. Anita Spiro

    Hi Becca,
    Are you still involved in YPD? I am inquiring for my daughter, Alana Rossip, who is 23 and moving to St Louis from the SF Bay Area for grad school at Wash U (phystical therapy). She was actively involved in Hillel when she was at UC Berkeley and I know would be interested in connecting with the Jewish Community in St. Louis. Can you tell me what might be the best options for her. Also, which are reform and conservative synogogues close to the medical school and do you have any other ideas? She is moving in July/August. Thanks, Anita Spiro (mom extraordinaire!)

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