Yahel Social Change: Post-College Service Learning Program in Israel

Looking to spend a year in Israel engaging in meaningful, thought-provoking work, have graduated college and are between the ages of 22-27? Then Yahel Social Change may be the perfect program for you. As a participant on the Yahel Social Change program, you will have an opportunity to live, learn and work together with Israeli peers from local in Ethiopian and Arab Israeli communities to create sustainable social change. Yahel operates through a service-learning lens, which provides participants with the opportunities to partake in learning directly related to the service experience. To learn more please visit the website http://www.yahelisrael.com/#!yahel-social-change-program/ccx6 or contact rachel.cherrick@gmail.com with additional questions. To apply, please visit http://www.yahelisrael.com/#!apply-now/c17bj.

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