Toxic Friends

We probably have all had them at some point in our lives-Toxic friends that is. They literally suck the life out of you, making you feel “less than” you should feel. They seem to cheer when something bad happens to you. Toxic friends dump you for better plans. You may feel obligated to hang out with this person, even when you don’t want to. And when you do hang out with this person, you may wind up feeling bad about yourself, ugh!

It is like a poison, a toxic friend.

But, what can you do to get away? Once and for all!

The first thing you have to realize it that it is a toxic friendship, that is isn’t healthy and it may be time to get out of the friendship. And I am not condoning any kind of massive blow up fight here. Just, step away quietly from the friendship. Call less. Make plans less. Slowly, you may find that your friend is calling you less (let’s hope, right!)

But, what if she/he confronts you about your backing off from the relationship. How about, “we need to take a break for awhile?” Sounds like a break up, because it is.

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