There is NOT a Man Shortage!

What is the first thing you do every morning? I look at the obituaries. Not to be morbid, but because funerals are last minute, I need to know if I must run out to a funeral or shivah that day.

What my research has unearthed (sorry!) is that many women (unfortunately) predecease their husbands. So if you think there are no men, it’s not true. The divorce rate is holding at 50% so men and women are recirculated every day. That’s the reality. In some cities and in some age categories, there are more men than women. No age group is higher than 57% women!

Here is proof from the census bureau: statistics/241488/population- of-the-us-by-sex-and-age/

And some statistics for the single population: newsroom/facts-for-features/ 2017/single-americans-week. html

This is a not a positive subject, but negativity will get you nowhere. I am not implying that you should look in the paper for a new widower and bring him a casserole, although that is appropriate sometimes. I am suggesting that you change your attitude and seek out companionship and friendship, people with whom you might enjoy sharing some activities, because otherwise it is a lonely world, as you know.

This may seem weird, but it is not: you could meet someone at a funeral or shivah house. Men don’t usually play mah jongg (but women who play have brothers and cousins and neighbors!!) but they often watch sports, follow politics, and go to funerals and shivahs. There are many places to meet people. Almost anywhere!

The problem is actually that there is a shortage of “desirable” men! There are many nice men whom women will not consider. And what about all the men who never marry? Some of them are like a kid in a candy store! Others just don’t know how to make it happen. They need our help to get together with a nice woman (you!).

I have said so many times that we all need to be kind, generous, sweet, gentle, and more accepting. Those traits are more important than the where’s, what’s, and who’s. They will also make you more desirable for the “good” men before they get grabbed by someone else. The men are very selective, too. Open your eyes and your heart to people and places you have never before considered.

Go places where you don’t know a soul (sorry!!!!!) and isn’t that the point? Go out of your home and you might meet someone or people who have neighbors, sisters, brothers, cousins, grandchildren, and if you are nice, and you tell people that you are available, they might think of you!

Who is Paula Sparks?
Sparks Matchmaking strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of companionship, marriage, and continuity.  So far, 19 couples are married and 12 couples are happily dating or in long-term relationships. That’s 60 very happy people and most of them in St. Louis!

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