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Outreach to the Community’s Non-Traditional Student

Waves of immigrants, many of whom were Jewish, flooded St. Louis during the 1840s and 50s. They were able to get work, but to succeed in America, they needed industrial and basic general education. When would they have time to take classes? That’s when Washington University seized the opportunity to offer education outreach to fit the schedules of these non-traditional students of all ages and backgrounds.

The concept worked. For more than 150 years, the University has helped thousands of students who cannot attend college full-time during the day to receive high-quality education and a degree from one of the best academic universities in the world at one of the lowest tuition rates in the St. Louis area. Today, now known as University College (founded in 1931), this evening and special-programs division of the College of Arts and Sciences offers a broad range of programs and courses shaped to fit any schedule and students’ goals.

For the many Jewish students who enroll, there’s an impressive slate of Jewish content classes on topics ranging from The Hebrew Bible to Special Topics in Journalism: Middle East Reporting and Commentary. Courses of Jewish interest are listed under such departments as: Jewish Islamic and Near Eastern Studies, Communications and Journalism, English and American Literature, Hebrew, Anthropology, Political Science and Religious Studies.

Washington University in St. Louis - University College 2Because the Jewish community is an active part of our college community, we strive to provide courses to meet its needs,” said Katina Truman, director of Marketing and Admissions. “There is a demand for our Jewish-interest classes because lifelong learning is so important to members of the Jewish community who seek knowledge to enrich their lives.”

To apprise the St. Louis Jewish community about course offerings, U College recognizes the importance of jewishinstlouis.org as a tool to disseminate information. “It’s the right demographic for us to attract members of the Jewish community who are computer savvy and are looking for a high quality learning opportunity,” said Truman.

In addition to its rich curriculum, University College offers all students the privileges of being part of the Washington University campus life, said Truman. They are invited to attend workshops, campus events, career nights, cultural events and special programs. “Those who choose to attend U College want to be on campus to interact with our instructors and network with other students,” said Truman. Any student seeking college credit who has a high school diploma or the equivalent and six to nine college credits with a 2.7 GPA is eligible for admission as a degree candidate. If the student is not seeking a degree, formal admission is not required.

Students who attend are as varied as the classes:

  • Those who work during the day, have never taken a college course and now want to get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, hoping it will make them more promotable.
  • Those who may have a chunk of college under their belt, dropped out for whatever reason and now want to finish.
  • Those who want a master’s degree or to shore up skills by earning one of 11 certificates.
  • Those adults 55+ who want to enroll in the non-credit lifelong learning program just for the sheer joy of learning.

The roster of more than 1,000 leading-edge courses, programs, seminars and workshops in more than 40 fields of study offers something for everybody. Most courses meet once a week for 2 ½ hours, in the late afternoons or evenings, or on Saturday during the day.

College instructors include full-time Washington University faculty; successful business, science and health professionals; working journalists, writers, and performing artists; and advanced Washington University graduate students and recent Ph.D.s.

Financial assistance for those enrolled in a degree or certificate program is available. Plus U College offers a 50% discount on tuition to their adult student 60 and over. For details on the many opportunities and course offerings at U College, visit www.ucollege.wustl.edu. For the Life Long Learning program, visit http://lli.ucollege.wustl.edu/.

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