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A police officer shot in the line of duty . . . the injured in a multi-car accident on ice-covered Hwy. 40 . . . a severely ill woman whose family had given up hope over her worsening condition and their dwindling insurance dollars.

These are just a few examples of the patients who recently entered the doors of Saint. Louis University Hospital, one of our area’s medical gems for more than 80 years.  Every day, cases like this come to the medical center, which has established a name for itself as much more than one of the region’s most advanced academic hospitals providing compassionate, state-of-the-art care.

Saint Louis University Hospital 2The medical center, located at 3655 Vista Ave., (fronting Grand Boulevard) has attracted some of the nation’s most renowned physicians, and also boasts sophisticated technology often not readily available elsewhere.  However, the Saint Louis University Hospital team says that what truly sets it apart is its spirit of inclusion, opening its arms to people of all ages, races and religions, regardless of insurance status.

“We are here to help improve the health and well-being of the entire community we serve,” says Director of Marketing and Media Relations Laura Keller.  Put simply, that means that “the hospital provides top-level medical care to whoever needs us.”

That dedication to community involvement and inclusiveness extends to the hospital’s participation and sponsorship of neighborhood associations and other organizations, now including Jewish Federation of St. Louis’ website.

Actually, the hospital and Federation have a close kinship in their missions, according to Keller.  “We both make an effort to go into the community, identify needs and offer solutions.  We are both organizations that understand the challenges of our community as a whole and strive to meet them.”

Keller cites an example of how the hospital also helps the most vulnerable in our area, as does the Jewish Federation.  “We just had a 22-year-old man with a brain aneurysm who was rushed to our hospital from a small medical facility in Alton, Illinois.  He had a second aneurysm while en route to Saint Louis University Hospital by helicopter.  Once here, our sophisticated surgical team performed a high-flow brain arterial bypass procedure and saved his life.  We didn’t ask whether or not he had insurance before he arrived because we knew he needed our level of care. He was here for three months and we saved his life.  Everyone here is proud to be a part of a team like this.”

Keller also points out that the hospital’s 356-bed size is ideal – large enough to offer some of the finest physicians and equipment in the nation, yet small enough to provide a nurturing environment and personalized care for every patient.

“The environment of hope is unbelievable here.  Not long ago, I was in the hospital cafeteria and met a man whose wife was suffering from advanced liver disease.  Worn out mentally and physically from the ordeal, he admitted to me that they both had about given up hope.  A couple of weeks later, I saw the man again, only this time he greeted me with a smile.  Not only was his wife improving from the high level of care, but our staff had given them a feeling of optimism and comfort.”

In addition to its exceptional atmosphere, Saint Louis University Hospital is also justifiably proud of its world-class care.   According to Keller, “We have some of the most incredibly skilled, talented academic physicians in our country.  We also have exceptional state-of-the-art technology.  For example, we are the only hospital in the region with the CyberKnife,” which is radically changing the face of cancer treatment.  The CyberKnife is the most accurate form of radiation therapy, which locks a beam on the tumor.  Not only does it spare healthy tissue, but it also involves far fewer treatments than conventional radiation and often eliminates the need for extensive surgery.”

In addition, Saint Louis University Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the country to offer intraoperative MRIs, which allow surgeons to detect if a tumor is completely eradicated before a patient leaves the operating room.

Moreover, while robotic surgery is becoming more and more prolific, SLU Hospital is again ahead of the crowd with its dual console, giving two surgeons the ability to perform two different sub-specialty procedures on the same patient at the same time, eliminating the stress of multiple operations.

Saint Louis University Hospital has many other exceptional capabilities, including complex gastrointestinal surgery such as kidney, liver and pancreatic transplants.  Known for its treatment of stroke victims, the medical center is the founder of the prestigious MidAmerica Stroke Network, and sees patients within a 250-mile radius.  The hospital also is a certified trauma center, and is the only Level 1 Trauma Center licensed by the State of Illinois.

Patients looking for outstanding medical care delivered with compassion and hope are indeed fortunate to have Saint Louis University Hospital in our city.  And the Jewish Federation is equally fortunate to have the hospital as a sponsor of

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