Nowhere to turn, scared to death…….

Dear JF&CS,
I am 62 years old, out of work, and have multiple health problems. I have asthma, diabetes, and am overweight. My doctor refers to me as obese, but I do not like that term.
I have been told to apply for disability, but every time I apply, I get turned down. I am divorced, and have a strained relationship with my children. My parents are elderly, have problems of their own and are unable to help me.
I have rapidly depleted my limited savings. I am now behind on my mortgage and utility payments. The bank said that they would begin foreclosure on my house unless they receive a payment this month.
I am scared to death, don’t know what to do, and don’t know where to turn. I am so embarrassed. Can JF&CS help me?
Mr. C.
St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Mr. C.,
I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through. Naturally, unemployment and the threat of foreclosure can be very frightening and stressful! Fortunately, JF&CS is here to help you develop a plan to get back on track. This could include providing some direct, short term financial assistance with your mortgage as well as utility payments. In addition, our social worker will help you to develop a plan for long term self-sufficiency. This could include, helping you to apply for social security disability and/or referring you to sources of obtaining employment such as MERS Goodwill or other programs. Perhaps you are eligible for affordable housing at Covenant Place or the Crown Center for Senior Living? There are lots of possibilities and options for securing help. You are not alone! Financial hardship can strike anyone. Job loss or illness can rapidly set someone back financially. Did you know that 24% of Jewish households say they “cannot make ends meet” and that 8% of St. Louis Jewish households are poor (under 150% of Federal poverty level)? We will do everything we can to confidentially help you through this difficult time. Please don’t wait any longer and call 993-1000.

Jewish Family & Children’s Service

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