Live in The Now

Ahhhh, Winter Break! That long week you’ve been waiting for since mid-August when school started. Your finals are likely behind you and it is time to RELAX. Or is it? For some, Winter Break can create a whole bunch of stressors in your life: lots of family outings, older siblings home from college for 4+ weeks, boredom in being away from the school, friends, and dare I say the routine of school (ouch!).

What do you want to get from your winter break? Endless nights of fun? Days of sleeping in? Pancake breakfasts with Mom and Dad? Time alone? Whatever your heart desires let it be known to those around you. Kindly share your thoughts and encourage your family, even your parents, to let you know what their expectations are. Perhaps they’ve created an endless calendar of events and you want just one day of unplanned, spontaneous fun. Your parents can’t read your mind. Your friends can’t read your mind. Let them know. While tweeting about your desires or texting about it may be the simple answer here, I encourage you to use actual, spoken words at least one week in advance of the break (and it is coming up fast!)

For my winter break, I’ve decided to take a break from Facebook. My husband tells me I’m spending too much time on it and perhaps he’s right. I’m going to deactivate for the duration of the break and to be honest with you I’m looking forward to it. I hope it gives me a little time to reflect upon the year that is about to end, the year to come, and most importantly to just be. Be with my kids, my husband, myself. I may be writing blogs in my mind (we’ll see) but hopefully it’ll be a bit of a respite for my mind as well.

There are great things to come in 2013, but for right now, I’m looking forwarding to the right now.

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