Let My Mistakes Be The Secret To Your Happiness!

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I am 57 and my life is fraught with decades of embarrassing mistakes~financial, school, work, people~sometimes even mistakes that are dangerous and scary.
I’ve been matchmaking since 1979 . . . that’s 38 years of mistakes related to matchmaking. Thousands of attempted connections that didn’t develop into relationships, some people who get screaming mad at me, a few who badmouth me around town.
My first successful couple has been together since 1982. that’s 35 years!
And many more matchmaking successes since 1982
Out of my mass quantity of failures and disappointments, are 60 real-live people who are now blissfully happy (married or LTR’s). 60 people whom I fixed up or they were willing to attend one of my activities and met someone there.
So many smashing successes born of trial and error
Some of my mistakes have been a difficult burden to bear, overwhelmingly painful for me to even think about. But I do not give up. I keep pushing myself to try new and different programs and opportunities: SparksPlugs, SpeedDating nights, activities at many locations in hope of attracting more people to interact and meet.
I wrack my brain to think of potential matches~what about Alexander for Caroline? Markos for Minnie? Jackson for Tillie or Ellie for Anthony?
I never give up on you and you shouldn’t either! I’ll put myself on the line and make an attempt for you if I think there is any chance of it happening.
The happy couples are not all beautiful and wonderful and perfect. They mostly are like you and me, flawed and struggling.
A lot of great couples would not be together if not for my failings. I have made more mistakes than you have, and so much good has come from my errors. To some degree life is a big numbers game. The relationship game and the jobs game, too. You’ll get discouraged and feel defeated at times. If you are not where you want to be, think of more ideas. Be open to possibilities! Try different things and make blunders, big and small, until something finally rocks. It is truly from experiments that new possibilities are created, for you.

Who is Paula Sparks?
Sparks Matchmaking strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of dating, marriage, and Jewish continuity.  So far, 19 couples are married and 11 couples happily dating or in long-term relationships.

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