Student to Student Coordinator

Jewish Community Relations Council of St Louis
January 30, 2020
St Louis, Missouri
Job Type



Winter 2020 (Immediate Hire)



This is a full-time equivalent position averaging approximately 30-35 hours per week with a full benefits package. Salary range $35,000 - $38,000



The Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis (JCRC) works within the Jewish and broader communities in St. Louis to enhance cooperation with other religious, racial, ethnic and civic groups; foster a just, democratic and pluralistic society; and promote the security of Israel and Jews everywhere. Guided by Jewish values, the JCRC advocates, educates, collaborates and mobilizes action on issues important to the Jewish community. JCRC envisions a more just society and a strong, vibrant Jewish community in the United States and in Israel, and seeks to enhance that strength and vibrancy through collaboration with other communities. To that end, we work to:

  • Promote equality of opportunity and full civil rights and civil liberties for Jewish and all other racial, religious and ethnic groups in Missouri;
  • Encourage amicable relationship, mutual understanding and respect among various religious, ethnic, civic, and political groups;
  • Create and maintain conditions that are conducive to encouraging the continuity and vitality of Jewish living in a pluralistic society;
  • Combat antisemitism and other forms of racism or group prejudice.


Student to Student (STS) is a signature program of the JCRC. At its core, STS is a prosocial activity as Jewish students visit area high schools to engage non-Jewish peers by speaking informally about their Jewish lives. Jewish presenters introduce themselves, the high schools they attend, their interests and activities, and how they identify Jewishly. In between sharing their experiences and knowledge of Jewish lifecycle events, Shabbat practice, and Israel, participants also talk about hanging out with friends, their favorite movies, and their music preferences.



The Student to Student Coordinator will be the primary staff person overseeing the Student to Student program and will be responsible for overseeing the planning, organizing, and implementation of the program including recruitment of students, liaising with educational institutions, and coordinating all logistics of presentations.



  • Oversee strategy and implementation of Student to Student program, including:
    • Recruiting student participants and host schools
    • Forming student groups and identifying group leaders
    • Organizing Orientation meeting and mid-year Winter Meeting
    • Liaising with schools to schedule presentations and with group leaders to match student groups with appropriate presentations
    • Overseeing all details of the presentations, including ensuring that student presenters have appropriate travel to presentations, confirming which student presenters will bring which props, etc.
    • Attending presentations whenever possible and/or arranging for volunteer advisors to attend presentations when appropriate, collecting survey data from host schools, giving post-presentation feedback to participants
  • Engage and mobilize stakeholders through regular communications, volunteer participation, and the STS Advisory Board
  • Provide support for Student to Student fundraising efforts
  • All other duties as assigned.



  • None



  • Broad knowledge of Judaism, Israel, and Jewish community, values, history, heritage and culture
  • Enthusiasm for working with teens from across the Jewish spectrum
  • Passion for combatting and preventing antisemitism and dispelling stereotypes
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • A strong track record as an implementer who is able to multi-task and prioritize
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to adapt and apply skills to new and changing scopes of work
  • Flexibility, consideration, and a sense of humor
  • Excitement about being part of an ambitious, growing, and quickly changing organization
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel; databases; Facebook and Twitter as well as an ability, willingness, and desire to maintain skill level as technology advances


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Previous experience working in Jewish communal spaces and/or working with teens preferred.

Applicants should send cover letter and resume to Maharat Rori Picker Neiss, Executive Director of JCRC, at

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