Other Jewish dating programs are NOT my competition!!!

SPARK YOUR MATCH: Dating Issues for Our Millennium
By Paula Sparks
Sparks Matchmaking

Other Jewish dating programs are NOT my competition!!!

People think that Jdate and local YPD events, etc., are my “competition.”

They are NOT my competition. In fact, I regularly urge Jews to try JDate, JWed, SawYouAtSinai, YPD, NextDor, Moishe House, Chabad On Campus, Chabad Grad Group, SLIC, Shaare Emeth and Bais Abe’s young adults’ programs.

I wish we would all collaborate our efforts.

I am about one thing and one thing ONLY, and that is GETTING JEWS MARRIED TO JEWS. Any group or person that gets Jews married to Jews, I am happy about it.

Do you want to meet that special someone? Please, post a very good photo of yourself and an interesting profile on the online Jewish sites, and keep improving your online presence. Go to every program that is offered locally. Don’t keep avoiding it, even if you have some unpleasant experiences.

The Jewish people comprise only a tiny percentage of the world population:

Less than 1% in the entire world.

But half of the 900 Jews on my list have never even been married! There are many more just in St. Louis who are not with anyone. If you are lonely and want to be with someone, I feel sad and disheartened.

My programs are ONLY about helping to increase the world Jewish population and to rectify loneliness for those who are past childbearing age. If a Jew gets married to another Jew, in any age group, they then become a Jewish couple and that is for the bigger good, especially if they join a temple or get involved in the larger Jewish community.

My programs are NOT about competing with any organization that strives toward the same purpose. Let’s all work together and let’s do it now!

Who is Paula?
Sparks Matchmaking strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of dating, marriage, and Jewish continuity.  So far, 18 couples OF ALL AGES! are married~with a 0% divorce rate and 14 Jewish children from those marriages. Eight more couples are happily dating or in long-term relationships.

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  1. Victoria Stone

    Hi Paula, I hope you can help me find Nice Jewish Guy

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