Introduction to Judaism Class

Kol Rinah is hosting the American Jewish University’s “Miller Intro to Judaism Program” and welcomes you to join in the learning!

This course is geared toward both Jews and non-Jews who want to learn more an dgain new perspectives on Jewish life. Bring your questions, concerns, and thoughts together with a group of thoughtful, inquisitive learners and explore the wisdom depth, and joy of Jewish living.

Classes are Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00pm and will be led by Rabbis Arnow and Shafrin (August – February).

A complete schedule is available at or call 314-727-1747.
Tuition is only $100 for the entire course.

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  1. Gabriele Schuster


    I just learned of your Intro to Judaism class and would love to attend. However, I see that is has already started. Is it possible to join the class starting this week?

    Kind regards,

    Gabriele Schuster
    Tel/Text 314-434-3728

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