Huh? God In Your Relationship??

Christians aren’t afraid to talk about God. Maybe that is why there are so many of them! They often say grace before they break bread together. Do we? Only a few of us do~

Because of our diverse lives, no two people experience God exactly the same way, but we all relate in some way, even if we question or doubt God’s existence as a diety/power/controlling force.

We talk about everything EXCEPT God, even at the synagogue and temple. We talk about doing God’s work, tikun olam, but we often don’t mention God.

We talk about prayer but when the prayers are in Hebrew, most of us don’t understand what we’re saying and the service moves so fast we can’t take time to ponder what we read. We’re not grasping the deeper spiritual elements of humility and gratitude that are essential in our lives.

At temple, when we carry the Torah to return it to the Ark, we sing “Al shlosha dvarim . . . al HaTorah, v’al ha’avodah, v’al gmilut hasadim.” Most people have no idea what we’re singing, yet it’s the crux of Judaism from Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers: “The world depends on three things: Torah, service to God, and deeds of lovingkindness.”

What (in the world!) does this have to do with RELATIONSHIPS??

You don’t have to include God in your relationship. You can live a fine life and have a great relationship and marriage without temple or church or God.

But if you bring God in, acknowledging how we are supposed to relate to God:

Those behaviors translate to a loving and dynamic relationship with another person.

A few years ago I had a Sukkah party. A woman came in late and I directed her to the sukkah where everyone was going over the blessings we do in a sukkah. Being just a few days after Yom Kippur, she informed me that she didn’t need any more blessings. Within a few years, she got cancer and unfortunately died. Is there a connection? I don’t know, but . . .

I’ll take some extra blessings, please! And I could use some for my relationship. Thank God.

Who is Paula Sparks?
Sparks Matchmaking strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of companionship, marriage, and continuity.  So far, 20 couples are married and 12 couples are happily dating or in long-term relationships. That’s 60 very happy people and most of them in St. Louis!


  1. Ronald Mink

    We need more of the most holy on high in every inch of our existence.
    We are given so much at or conception and birth. What do we do with it?

    The greatest joy is the Lord’s grace to give us life, love and each other. How often I blow it. More blessings for me too. Yeah Paula

  2. Frieda

    Paula, I agree with you. And I really enjoy seeing a couple who got married with your help. Right now they are already grandparents. I don’t lose my hope that one day with the Hashem’s and your help I will be happy for my son too. I wish you very good luck in helping Jewish people to find their match. Hashem bless you.

  3. steve schuman

    This is a new way to look at religion in a relationship. I identify as Jewish because I’m a (I think good) example of a Jew, although in belief I’m Agnostic and always talked about how religion divides us. Perhaps it (even different religions but similar principles) can unite us too.

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