Get Moving To Meet Someone In 2017

It’s a good bet that you won’t meet many new people sitting and relaxing at home in your pj’s. Unless you live in a multi-unit building and you’re sitting in the common area. I personally know four couples who met at their condo or apartment complexes!

The more places you go, the greater the possibilities.

Try new places and activities. Classes, pilates, political rallies, outdoors groups, book groups, harmonica club, guitar group, movie reviews, meet-up groups, dance groups, computer classes, the pool, yoga classes, sporting clubs, Sparks programs . . . there are probably some interests you didn’t even know you have. You might need to reach outside your comfort zone.

Go to synagogue or temple regularly throughout the year, not just on High Holy Days. I know of three couples who met there, too! Try different temples and let people know you want to meet people.

Move A LOT more. Exercise with a friend or get a trainer. I know of at least one happy couple who met at the gym! You need a better routine for your current and future health and well-being and it will help you to meet someone better and stay alive to enjoy your relationship~

Walking your dog in your hood and outside your immediate area is a great way to meet people.

I know of many couples who met on line: jdate,, eharmony, plentyof fish, jwed, tinder, and there are many more. Have you tried them all seriously? Hey, you can do that at home in your pj’s!

The men like slim and active and dynamic. So do the women.

Get off your butt and move it!

And then, you need to know what to do after you meet them.

Wishing you success in getting moving to find your relationship in 2017~

Tennis, anyone??

Who is Paula?
Sparks Matchmaking strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of dating, marriage, and Jewish continuity.  So far, 18 couples are married and 10 additional couples are happily dating or in long-term relationships.


  1. Arlene Goodman

    Hi, Paula. So glad to read your good, sound, encouraging advise. Thank you for hosting a wonderful holiday party in Dec. 2016. Any new “get-togethers” planned for the Spring ? Keep me in mind, if you think I would enjoy meeting a new friend. Warm regards, Arlene

  2. sandi shapiro

    hi Paula, remember me keep on your list sandi

  3. Dr. Marc Dicker

    Hey Paula,
    I’ve enjoyed our association thru the years since I’ve relocated to my hometown in STL.
    I am proud of you and the selfless efforts you have advanced for us Jews to connect and and find loving friendships and (hopefully) romantic relationships in STL.
    Many of us singles need your guidance, support and pointers for meeting new people. The anxieties and hurdles encountered from unhappy and unfortunately damaging previous relationships leave many of us quite fearful and avoidant at moving in a healthy, positive and fulfilling next chapter for our lives.
    Being alone is depressing and such a waste for the gift of life. Being alone is unhealthy emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have seen this unfortunate pattern for many years in my clinical practice… the good news is that none of us have to be alone.
    My blessings on you Paula, and what you are doing for us.
    My blessings and happy wishes to all those wonderful people who come to you!

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