End of the Year Garden Results

It’s almost impossible to process! Our tiny garden grew more than two tons of food for the food pantry this year. The value of the nutritious, organic, fresh food grown was worth more than $10,000. All of the food was donated to the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry.
How did we arrive at this numbers? We weigh all food we donate to the pantry. The total of each food’s weight was inserted at the end of the year into a food value calculator. If the calculator did not have the particular food, either the value was found elsewhere online or the cost of that food sold at Dierberg’s was used.

These numbers show the value of The Garden of Eden. A few thousand dollars invested in the garden each year results in huge dividends regarding the worth of food grown. The money used to purchase seedlings, seeds, tools, irrigation, netting, trellises and more is well spent.

Below is a list of the food grown, the total weight grown this year, and the dollar value:

Green & Red Lettuce: 372 pounds $1488.00
Beets and Greens: 33.5 pounds $83.75
Rainbow Chard: 164.5 pounds $245.10
Cucumbers: 384 pounds $580.36
Collard Greens: 80 pounds $119.20
Malabar Spinach: 62 pounds $306.89
Horseradish: 8 pounds $24.00
Turnips and Greens: 80.5 pounds $201.25
Leeks: 30 pounds $86.70
Peanuts: 6 pounds $14.40
Parsley: 9.5 pounds $27.36
String Beans: 39.5 pounds $98.75
Cantaloupe: 116.5 pounds $62.91
Onions: 41 pounds $104.55
Tromboncino Squash: 127 pounds $254.00
Okra: 124.5 pounds $124.50
Honeynut Squash: 15 pounds $30.00
Zucchini: 32.5 pounds $65.00
Grapes: 23.5 pounds $46.53
Acorn Squash: 24.5 pounds $36.75
Peas: 3 pounds $9.00
Eggplant: 373 pounds $322.50
Green Peppers: 132.5 pounds $662.50
Sweet Potatoes: 311.5 pounds $311.50
Russet Potatoes: 341 pounds $1705.00
Kale: 257 pounds $742.00
Tomatoes: 423 pounds $1129.41
Cabbage: 140.5 pounds $54.00
Watermelons: 570 pounds $1120.00
Broccoli: 12.5 (to date) $25.00

Garlic, strawberries, green onions, parsnips, radishes, kohlrabi, and other squashes made up the rest of what we grew in pounds as well as the dollars.

The Garden of Eden is extremely proud of its accomplishments. We are actively seeking individual and group volunteers and donations for the garden for the 2018 season. We will begin mid March and work once or twice a week until just after the first frost. Please contact Myra Rosenthal at myrasue@sbcglobal.net for information.

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