Constant Contact and Your Relationship!

SPARK YOUR MATCH: Dating Issues for Our Millennium
By Paula Sparks
Sparks Matchmaking

Constant Contact and Your Relationship! ~on!

Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur are upon us. Are you making plans to go to temple or synagogue for your two-day pilgrimage to cover the entire year’s spiritual needs?
Once or twice or three times in a year is not enough. God likes Constant Contact!
He’d prefer to hear from us every day (or night) to check in, just like the parent of a college student.

“Hi, Mom!”

“Nice to hear from you, Sweetie! How are your classes?”

“Everything is good! Could I have some more money? Thanks, I love you!”

Relationships with people need constant contact, too, or they could start to disintegrate, which can unfortunately lead down the road toward divorce. At the beginning of a new relationship, constant contact is too much, but as the connection develops, staying in touch is fundamental.

“How are you? What ‘s new?”

Don’t drop the ball~not with God, and not with people you care about, including that potentially special someone. Keep in touch and let them know you care about them and are thinking of them.

Happy New Year and the best for great relationships in 5779!

Who is Paula Sparks?
Sparks Matchmaking strives to connect Jewish individuals for the purpose of companionship, marriage, and continuity.  So far, 19 couples are married and 12 couples are happily dating or in long-term relationships. That’s 60 very happy people and most of them in St. Louis!

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  1. Zeta Chervitz

    Perfectly stated, and what you are doing, Paula, for our community is such an important service!
    Thank you so much for caring so much about Judism, and connecting single people together! Keep up the good work! ❤️…A fan, who loves you, Zeta

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