Congregations Shaare Emeth of West County and B’nai Torah of St. Charles County Agree to Combine Resources

Congregation Shaare Emeth, a Reform congregation based in Creve Coeur, and Congregation B’nai Torah, a Reform congregation in St. Charles County, are pleased to announce they have agreed to combine Congregation B’nai Torah with Congregation Shaare Emeth. Effective immediately, all current members of B’nai Torah are full members of Congregation Shaare Emeth, entitled to all rights and privileges of membership. The title to the B’nai Torah synagogue in St. Peters and all congregational assets have been transferred to Congregation Shaare Emeth. Rabbi Jim Bennett, Senior Rabbi of Shaare Emeth, and Joe Pereles, Shaare Emeth President, note that this combination of resources and membership will help to preserve the legacy of B’nai Torah, to continue to serve the members of this 30-year-old congregation, and to provide a stable base for creative outreach to the growing number of Jewish families in St. Charles County and beyond. Rabbi Bennett noted, “We were, of course, saddened to learn of the struggles of B’nai Torah when they approached us to explore a possible combination of resources. However, we immediately responded that we would be pleased to welcome the current B’nai Torah families into our congregation, to honor the legacy of their congregation, and to work with them to find ways to help them remain connected with each other under the umbrella of our congregational family. The resources and energy they bring to our congregation coincides with our commitment to expand the reach of our congregation to include many families who live in areas not traditionally well-served by our St. Louis Jewish community.” Wayne Ault, president of B’nai Torah, said, “We, at B’nai Torah, are looking forward to being with Shaare Emeth.” Madi Brown, immediate past president of B’nai Torah, added that she and her longtime B’nai Torah friends know that they will continue to maintain their relationships and keep the light of their community burning as a part of Shaare Emeth. Teri Steinberg, treasurer and longtime member of B’nai Torah, said, “I am just thrilled and excited that we are becoming part of such a wonderful congregation with so many resources for education and opportunities to become involved.” Congregation Shaare Emeth, the largest synagogue in St. Louis, currently has approximately 1700 member units, both families and single individuals, throughout the greater St. Louis area. B’nai Torah numbers about a dozen families, some of whom no longer reside in St. Charles...

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Rabbis and Cantor offer meditation a day in month of Elul


Rabbis and Cantor offer a meditation a day during the month of Elul                          The spiritual tasks of the High Holy Days—introspection and reflection—require us to set aside more than just two days out of our year. Jewish tradition invites us to prepare for the New Year for an entire month leading up to Rosh Hashanah—the Hebrew month of Elul. This is a time for us to begin the process of teshuva, of repentance and return.                 Rabbis Jim Bennett and Andrea Goldstein and Cantor Seth Warner of Congregation Shaare Emeth invite you to join them online for insights on preparing our souls for this holy time of year. Each of these clergy will take turns writing a short meditation, one posted each day for 29 days.                 “We hope our daily reflections will provide you with food for thought to help you approach the New Year, these times of personal and communal reflection, with renewed meaning and purpose,” Bennett said. To subscribe and receive an inspiring meditation or text in your inbox each day during Elul, enter your email address in the “Follow by Email” box at...

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