Are You Wasting Away in Coronaville? How To Meet Someone NOW!

Are You Wasting Away In Coronaville? How To Meet Someone NOW!

It is a challenging time. But there have been epidemics and wars through history. People figured out how to meet spouses before the internet and phones.

We make every excuse why we can’t meet anyone, pandemic or not. The internet and our phone are tools. We must do things that are very uncomfortable. Get out of your comfort zone!

Wear your sweats and jammies and get cozy when you go to bed, but during the day and evening, clean up and dress up. Don’t wear your old plaid flannel shirt! Don’t let yourself go! We have taken a long enough break.

Think of different ways to connect. Before the pandemic, did you go places where there were new people? Or did you mostly stay home?

Get on more interactive zooms and start conversations with potential companions. I know one couple who came from two different cities who met on a genealogy site. Not even a dating site! They are now married! Online possibilities are ENDLESS.

Temples have online services and are starting to get back in person. Mirowitz Center for the older group or YPD for the young people. Educational and history organizations. Political groups. Your friend’s family zoom where single people will be? And online, you don’t need a mask!
You probably think you tried JSwipe, SawYouAtSinai, JWed, and MazalTov? I don’t know which sites are best, but you need to put a REALLY GOOD photo of yourself and good profile. And the point is, keep trying!

Quite a few years ago I was out walking when a guy bicycled past. I thought to myself, “I wish he would stop and talk to me.” He did, and he was very interested, especially when I told him that I also bicycle. It did not work out, but it might have!

If you can leave your house, there are more options for you. I see dozens of people every day and some are single. Every store and park and street. Walking their dog. If you do not want to leave home, there are interactive online programs.

This is NOT comfortable.

Don’t give up. Don’t sit back and wait for love to find you. Be proactive. Instead of wasting away in Coronaville, social distance and go get a margarita!

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