Are You Too Cheap to Have a Relationship?

I have heard far too often than I care to, “That guy is cheap.”

I am not suggesting that you throw money away, nor buy more stuff, but it’s not in your favor to get a reputation of being cheap.  If you have made a date to meet a new woman for coffee, you MUST ask her what she would like to drink (or eat) and get it for her, even if you have already decided that you do not want to pursue a relationship!!!! Or she will tell her friends and relatives how cheap you are and you will get a bad reputation in this small town.

If you decide that you do like her, ask her if she’d like to have dinner and you pay for it!!!

If you want to get to know her, invite her somewhere classy for hopefully the next date:  A fine restaurant, good seats at the theatre or baseball game or concert.

Men decide in a matter of seconds if they are attracted to a woman, but if can take a woman from seconds to hours to months to determine if she likes the man!  The more interesting, appropriate, and GENEROUS you are, the more likely the woman will decide that she wants to pursue a relationship with you.

But if she smells “cheap”—and I don’t mean your aftershave—in your behavior or by what you say, you probably won’t get another chance and you won’t even know why.

So gentlemen, set aside some money in your budget for dating and spend it very wisely!

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