Are You Positive Enough To Meet Someone?

I just read a great book, Meet To Marry by Bari Lyman.
She describes how we need to create our own relationship and potential marriage future:
You first need to imagine it and then it will manifest for you
Are you thinking and saying negative things? A lot of people spew out negativity and have no clue they’re doing it. If circumstances aren’t going the way you want, in your relationship and in your life, you must catch yourself every time and reframe.
Think of what you WANT to happen and send the message out into the universe.
Think it and say it ONLY if that is what you want.
Thoughts have immense, powerful energy and so do words. You must turn your situation around by thinking and saying positive messages. In this New Year, 5780, get help to identify your fears, mental blocks, and blind spots that are keeping you stuck. Do you feel like you don’t deserve love? Do you feel like you’re better than everyone else? I hear a LOT of “there are no new men.” Or “there is no one in this town.” Those things are totally untrue. Are you entrenched in negativity?
Think and repeat TRUTHS ONLY:
“There is someone for me and I’m getting ready to meet him.”
“She is looking for me, too. I am a very good guy and I am a perfect match for that new woman.”
Think and say, “New people move to town and people become available every day.” Also say, “I am working on my situation and improving my personality and outlook, making myself more attractive and desirable” Now do it!
Think about the happiest, most successful people. They are positive in every way. Yes, they have reason to be, but they had to start out by imagining it true for themselves. They visualize new and wonderful people and places. And you will, too, from this moment forth.
This New Year, wishing you the tweaks you need to create a dynamic new relationship for yourself and a special someone. Reverse your fate right now!

Who is Paula Sparks?
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  1. Yair Gafni

    My name is Yair Gafni I am 30 years old , I moving from Israel to St Louis on February. I would love to meet my second half (jewish) , if you know of a way to do that it will be great.

  2. Beverly Osborne

    This sounds amazing Can you tell me more

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